Join the Valor Family as a Volunteer

Your Unique Gifts are Needed

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that you can place on your resume or are you looking to gain a professional recommendation for future employers? 


We’re seeking volunteers to join our Valor family who are passionate about Biblical worldview, media, discipleship, and mission work. If you want to see more of our vision and mission, feel free to go here. 


As a perk, all volunteers will be gifted a free Valor Media membership which will allow you to watch our conference material and it will also enable you to tap into a community of like-minded believers. 


So if you’re looking for experience or connection, or if you’re wanting to put the skills God has given you to use in His Kingdom, then we would love for you to join the Valor family. 


What we need currently:


Social Media Management:

 Are you amazing at pumping out Instagram content, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, pins on Pinterest, or Youtube and Tik Tok videos and want to display those skills for God’s Kingdom work? We’re looking for help on the social media front with writing short-form content on social media, posting quotes you’ve mined that are related to Biblical worldview, and following our templates on creating amazing memes and picture quotes. If you’re interested we would love to meet you to see if you’re a good fit. 


Administrative Assistance: 

We’re calling all spreadsheet lovers, organizers, and analytic types who love to systemize to get a team running smoothly. If you feel like you have administrative skills and are looking to volunteer for our vision and mission, we would love to have you on the team. 

Virtual Media Assistance: 


Content Writers: 

We’re looking for our bloggers or people who just love writing about worldview, news stories, and cultural issues from a Biblical worldview. If you have a blog, we would love to backlink to your site. 


Tech Help: 

We will need help with manning our conferencing software during our digital conferences and other events. If that sounds like something that’s up your alley, we would love to meet with you. 


Customer Service: 

We’re looking for help with answering questions during our conferences on our live chats as well as answering emails. If you have a heart for serving people, we would love to hear from you. 


Video Editing:

 Calling our creative and techy people with this one! We need people who are passionate and skilled at video editing and are able to piece together the video content we provide. If that describes you, we would love to meet with you. 


Community Management: 

Do you love people, answering questions, and facilitating discussion? If that describes you, we would love to have your people-oriented skills to help our members and digital event attendees feel welcome.  


If any one of these feels like it fits your giftings, please let us know in the form below and we would more than love to follow up with you.

As a side note, our statments of faith is here and our thoughts on where we stand are here.


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