Valor Media’s Mission


Biblical Worldview-Based|Influencing the Culture|Reaching the Whole Person|Media Focused Learning|Spreading the Light of Christ with His Valor|Increasing the Sphere of Influence of Judeo-Christian Values


Valor Media is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit. Our mission is to:


Breaking it Down Further, Valor Media is:


Media Focused Learning

We provide digital events in the form of conferences, church services, and evangelistic-driven digital outposts all with the intent of providing a Biblical Worldview while facilitating an environment for you to connect with others.

We also plan to offer video and podcasting segments to add to Valor Media’s range of media-focused learning.

Influencing the Culture

We believe that part of the reason why we’re seeing more decay in the world around us is because Christians have receded from the culture and left their faith at home. We want to be a part of a renaissance to infuse the Christian influence into a broken and hurting world. 

By Reaching the Whole Person

We believe people are complex beings that need to be reached spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and even physically. The Bible shows that people are reached in all facets, so we want to make sure we’re living up to the Bible’s holistic approach. 

Through a Biblical Worldview

A Biblical Worldview simply means that we view the world through the lens of the Bible. But since we are so accustomed to leaving our faith at home, many of us aren’t accustomed to viewing life through a Biblical perspective.

Spreading the Light of Christ with His Valor

At Valor Media, we feel like when we’re all equipped holistically, we will feel emboldened to spread the light of Christ in the area in which He’s designed and called us to serve.

Increasing the Sphere of Influence of Judeo-Christian Values

You may have seen Valor Media Consultants and Valor Media Coaches, our for-profit arms of Valor Media and wondered how the heck it’s related to Valor Media the non-profit.

To sum it up, we aim to spread the Christian worldview to a broken and hurting world, and part of spreading the Christian message is marketing ideas that represent Christ.

We only love marketing because we love ideas and we love to see good ideas catch on like wildfire.

Since you asked…

I know you may be wondering, does that mean that we only work with Christians in our consulting and coaching arm of Valor Media? No.

We work with people who communicate ideas that reflect the Judeo-Christian worldview. If you aim to provide healthier food on the supermarket shelves, clean water in impoverished communities, homes that reflect healthy building biology, and altogether, a philanthropic cause that supports the Christian worldview, those are the ideas that we want to see gain traction in the marketplace.





Our BIG Goal

One of our biggest goals is decreasing the fallaway rate among our youth and increasing the Biblical Worldview stat. Putting it simply, we want to see less of our youth fall away from the faith when they leave the home and we want them to feel equipped to stand firm in their convictions when they set foot on their college campus.


This is a big task to take on. Lifeway Research claims that a whopping 66% of our youth leave the church when they leave home. 

We also desire to equip Christians to see the world through the lens of Christ and His transformative Word. As of now, Barna and Summit Ministry state that only 17% of Christians have a Biblical Worldview. We know that if that percentage increases, more believers will see the world through the lens of Christ which would flip the world in more ways than we can even imagine.


It would also change how we rear our children which could very well decrease the fallaway rate.


That’s our big goal through the spread of media content. If you would like to help us in this endeavor, consider partnering with us on our mission with a tax-deductible gift.