About Valor Media

Valor Media began under an Oak Tree with the two of us praying about the future with God. As we wrote down our prayers, Valor was formed.

We wanted Valor to be a vehicle of the church to help the church flourish and strengthen.

We also wanted good ideas that reflected what God cherishes and to spread those ideas to the culture.

Our desire was to see conferences that impacted the culture and separately, we already had the dream on our hearts to begin a unique church plant.

These prayers were listed on college-ruled paper and placed in a black binder that we prayed over daily. Or, at least daily for several weeks. 

At the time, my (Sarah’s) health was down spiraling to the point where I could no longer leave home, so the short time outside with my husband by my side talking about deep topics and praying our dreams out loud to God was my favorite time of day. 

Just a couple of weeks after these prayers were listed, I had an attack on my body that caused almost hourly seizures and I became wheelchair-bound.

Gone were the times under the oak tree with my husband and I talking deeply and praying over our dreams.  


As a way to still encourage our dreams, my husband held my hand in our darkened room and prayed the prayers that we formulated under the oak tree. Prayers that would be tucked away for a long season of winter. 

 Since that day Michael held my hand and prayed over Valor and other ventures we felt God placed on our hearts, we have experienced…

black mold that massively affected our health,

neurological impairments,

almost losing our lives because of the severity of our health challenges,

betrayals and abuse from people in the church and outside of the church,

waves of doubt and crushing depression,

-having our story picked up by the Associated Press and featured in the Washington Times, Washington Post, and other media outlets. 

Both Michael and I are still technically considered disabled by our doctors, so we know that if anything comes into fruition with Valor, it has got to be from the mercy of God, His people praying, and a team of people God is tapping to join the Valor movement. 

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