Partner with Valor

Your tax-deductible investment into the vision of Valor helps our operations to keep going in excellence with...


Software and media equipment to help reach people all over the globe with the Christian worldview

We truly believe we live in the best time to share the Gospel message because we have so many methods of technology we can use to reach people globally. We’re currently partnering with believers internationally and equipping them with the resources to make this possible.

Pang for our team 


Benevolent outreach

We know a broken and hurting world needs to see the church be the hands and feet of Christ by providing outreach services. To us, we know we would not truly be a Biblical worldview organization without providing outreach both locally and globally.



Awarding our team 

We have a fantastic team that keeps growing. Our team helps with producing original content, editing videos, providing website work, management, conducting conferences and digital events, putting together supplemental material for our digital events, providing customer service support, tech support, and social media work. We want to ensure our team is rewarded for their blood, sweat, and tears into the vision of Valor.


Missional church plants

Yup, that’s right, we plan on expanding from the media side of church service to global missional church plants that focus on fostering a safe church environment for those who have undergone spiritual abuse while equipping believers with what they need to go out into the world in Christ’s valor.