Valor Media Church Application

 Just this year, we launched our Valor Media Church endeavor which is a parachurch movement that provides a place for the displaced church. Although an online church can never take the place of a local church, it provides an outlet for those who are unable to attend local church due to COVID restrictions, or due to disabilities, for those healing from spiritual trauma from a local church, or for anyone who longs to see the body of Christ unite together globally.


So far, our church service has welcomed attendees from 5 continents. Our goal is to provide local missional churches in multiple locations globally that caters to those who are displaced due to health challenges or spiritual abuse. 


In an effort to keep our community safe, we ask that you fill out the application to attend our Sunday digital service. A team member will contact you in three weeks to follow up about your interest. 

Be sure to look at our page of where we stand here to see if you’re in agreement with our beliefs at Valor Media.